Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Better Vision!

We attended the Christian Homeschool Conference in Denver and had a wonderful time, learning all we could not only about homeschooling but how to be effective parents as well.  Everything from curriculum, reading styles, and the differences between learning styles of boys and girls were covered.  Over 4,000 people attended the conference and for us, it was eye opening & inspiring to see so many people attend.  Ken often asked, "do this many people really homeschool?"  We were both surprised by the numbers, but also encouraged.

I found some great ideas to incorporate more character lessons into our day, as well as some fun ideas for Eric as he starts to become more involved with our homeschool. A few changes will be taking place in our daily routine and school will be taking a front seat starting immediately.

The best advice I heard all weekend, was to keep homeschool fun and that we don't have to run school like "school."  What was I thinking?  No, 8-3pm hours??  No to an abundance of workbooks and worksheeets?  We don't have to completed a workbook from cover to cover?  I'm learning that homeschool is more than just the books, that's why we homeschool.  

If we're working in the garden, 


it's applied science!

If we head out to the Wildlife Experience learning about penguins, 

more science and geography too!

Don't get me wrong, we do our fair share of book work.

Ella working on her calender binder,

Eric learning shapes, as Ella helps

even the bunnies can join in on the learning fun!

We're getting back to fun art projects, 

Ella's for Father's Day

Eric's for Father's Day

or this shell (finally, figured out what to do with some of our shells from South Carolina). wind chime we made for our "SH" letter sound week.

School is meant to be fun, so the kids will love learning!  Not just in the classroom, but learning every day about the world around them.