Thursday, October 4, 2012


We started our new school year September 15th and it's been a bit of a slow start.  We have been in the midst of home projects (roofing, exterior/interior painting, interior construction) that did not get completed on time.  We spent a week doing school in our travel trailer and these last few weeks, working around construction & painting.  We are just now getting into the groove for the year and are happy to be settling back into the new schedule.

I say new schedule, because we have added Eric's Preschool work in four days a week.  We now start school between 8:30 and 9am.  I set my phone to a school bell alarm that rings at 15 and 5 minutes to 8:30 and it seems to be helping with keeping us on track for the day. 

Here is our curriculum and extracurricular choices for the 2012-2013 school year.

Ella: 1st Grade, 6yrs

Bible/Devotional: Grapevine Studies  
Art:  Monart

Extracurricular: Karate, Kidz Club (Church), Soccer, Swimming, Violin, Piano, Horseback Riding, Sunday School

Eric, Preschool, 3yrs

                                               Bible/Devotional: Grapevine Studies 
Math: Saxon K Math
Science: Sonlight A

Letter of the Week: All About Reading Pre-1

Literature/History:  Sonlight

Extracurricular: Karate, Kidz Club (Church), Soccer, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Sunday School, Violin

Our school room (Sunroom) has changed a bit from last year, as the kids are now older.  We replaced the rocking chair (which was just too small for the three of us now) with an extra large and comfy bean bag chair.  The kids love it!  Eric especially loves to dive into it each morning.

Our table (IKEA) now seats all of us comfortably and we have a rolling drawer cart that sits between the kids chairs as a divider.  They both like having their own work space next to each other and I like how I can supervise their work and help if needed.  It's much more functional having us all together now at one large desk.    I even added a turntable filled with all the essentials like markers, crayons, glue, colored pencils, etc.  This keeps everything within easy reach and easy to put away.

We have a smaller IKEA table we use for messy art projects.  I am always amazed how nicely the white top on this table cleans up, even after the messiest paint projects.  

The baskets on the floor contains all our "Sonlight" literature.  The kids love picking these up and reading at their leisure.  Many of these books, we've already ready through more than twice.  

Ella is still using the workbox system and I will be phasing in Eric's over the year.  This keeps Ella working more independently and allows me to spend some focus time with Eric in the mornings.

Prayers to everyone for a blessed and successful school year of fun and learning!